"the" Mrs. Astor

Sunday, February 01, 2009

The last weekend of every month is devoted to Henrietta. Last night she treat us to dinner at World Resources; she had a craving for lobster and jewels. There are a number of special nights in between that last weekend, and Valentine's Day is one of them on the horizon; she told us that she went to the same store we buy our notions at downtown and purchased two hundred dollars worth of fabric roses for her outfit that day.
Henrietta wore a leather pants suit highlighted by fur and an emerald necklace.

Her leather pants had a fanciful flare and cut out pattern to them. The boots were super, too.

Tony Ferro is the most successful promoter in this town, now; he takes his events seriously and makes everyone feel that they are the center of attention. In addition to being totally hot, Tony sports the very of-the-fashion-moment skinny tie.

We met and hung out with these wonderful guys from Belgium; they were amused by my addiction to the most famous Belgian of all time, Hercule Poirot. Steven in yellow was mesmerizing.

What can I say? My baby, Mr. Astor to most of the town, "Bootsie" to me, is the most adorable man in my universe. Gentle, intelligent, sexy, elegant, and the final word on fashion; Leopoldo rocks this town and me.

Peter Morales and his boyfriend and Twist owner, Joel, put the most wonderfully orchestrated parties together. They obviously enjoy what they do, and each other.

Normally, I am only attracted to brown eyes, but this boy had the magic mix: blue eyes and brown skin. I was enchanted.

The new owner of The Wire, Thomas Barker, rounded out the night with his posse: Perry, Carlos, and the ever-enchanting Jonathan. By this time (3 AM), both of us knew it was time to leave; we are not late-night people, although no one believes that.


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