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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The City of Miami announced a round of layoffs and cuts to deal with the expected half of billion dollar budget shortfall. Much of the long-hailed massive building of the downtown sits empty; this didn't stop the City from forcing the over-priced and undoubtedly soon to be over budget sports stadium down the throats of the citizens. The City is still trying to make up the over-budget opera complex by selling name space to the highest bidder. It's so sad you have to laugh.
The incredible heat that has marked the month of July continued today to the point that many decided to stay indoors. I tried to finish the gardening work I started yesterday with Mr. Astor and had to wrap it up fast before I just caught on fire. Oddly, there has been no rain in two weeks.

Once the sun went down, we were able to join the class reunion and meet up with Carl and Jeremy; both are here for just a few days and we only had an hour to be together with Jeremy. Carl is staying on a few days more to attend our two year anniversary at Twist on Friday and Tommy Decker's birthday there on Saturday. There's also something there on Sunday, but I'm too sun struck to remember.


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