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Thursday, July 09, 2009

With Mr. Astor home and my sleep binge over, we jumped back into the social scene Tuesday night to attend our dear friend, Kendall's, exhibit in the freshly renovation Old City Hall of his vast collection of Elizabeth Taylor movie posters.
The collection was not only enormous, but some of the posters gargantuan.
Like many, I always think of Liz's first picture being National Velvet, but as Kendall pointed out in his lecture, there were others previous to that film in which sometimes she didn't even get billing. Those movie posters where displayed, too.

When we look at these posters today, the difference in the artistic presentation is very pronounced.

There were two walls designated to Cleopatra posters. There was the American...

...and the foreign. The Japanese were the most restrained. Kendall also had a very rare poster which had Rex Harrison pictured in an inset; Harrison, who had equal billing, sued the studio, won, and all those poster were supposedly destroyed.
I was bending over a glass case housing movie souvenir books and actual tickets to the New York premiere when I heard, "Well, hello there." It was The People's Mayor, Matti Bower.
This grand night thrilled all who attended and the exhibit will be open for at least a few weeks in The Old City Hall next to police headquarters on 11th and Washington, so conveniently located diagonally across from Twist. It will also be open for you to strike a campy post with La Liz.


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