"the" Mrs. Astor

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Work on Twist's 16 th anniversary bash continued through the afternoon and showed no signs of abating when I left after having a much-needed cocktail or two with Mrs. Stuyvesant-Fish. A legion of designers, artisans, carpenters, landscapers, carpet-layers, painters, and technicians labored all day to meet the 9 PM opening time. We will be picking up Henrietta at 11 PM to attend.
And--speaking of The Queen of South Beach--I meant to show a photo of her presenting one of the shoes she wore to Twist last Friday. She never ceases to amaze us; not only does the height of the shoes of a 68-year-old defy common sense, but the novelty of their designs always bring a smile. That night she proudly showed off a pair of platforms that had porno scenes lacquered to them.

And, speaking of Mrs. S-F, Leopoldo is leaving for San Francisco on Friday for a wedding and he has placed my good care into her hands--al eight of them. This has caused much eye-rolling here; how could my good behaviour be trusted to a known social criminal like Mamie. (In addition, I know she will try to poison me or plan my demise more creatively, like being run over by one of her carriages or tumbling off her balcony. I have enlisted several pool boys to protect me.


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