"the" Mrs. Astor

Sunday, July 19, 2009

We celebrated our anniversary at Twist on Friday night with many of our friends; it seemed that everyone had a good time. Although many a guest did not remember how they got home, they thanked us the next day for a fun event.
Our favorite bartender, Tommy, hosted the get-together.
The atmosphere in Bar 1 (of 7) was of a cozy, British pub.

I noticed Mrs. Stuyvesant-Fish collaring anyone smaller than she and talking their ears off.

Lots of our friends came out to help us celebrate and proceeded to get smashed, as usual.

Together with that parvenu, The Baroness, Mamie started acting up, copping feels of Mr. Astor and just being her old, lovable self.

Mamie and The Baroness showed how dear they are to us by arriving with a customized cake; Mamie admitted that when she ordered the cake and was asked what color scheme to use, she replied, "Garish!.

But I detected motive behind the cake as nothing has given Mamie more pleasure than to take a knife and cut my throat, even if it was symoblic. Notice the malicious look on her face.


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