"the" Mrs. Astor

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Baron Urban, who is one of the few die-hard Republicans I tolerate, sent me this image with the note that we are on the national Titanic. I know that, but I suggested that instead of a boring, string quartet playing Nearer My God To Thee, we have Lady Gaga performing. He--the poor soul has no clue--wondered if she could pull that song off; I had to be the harbinger of bad news that she wasn't singing that. We want Bad Romance...that's what got us here.
An excursion of Score the other night presented an announcement that black, pointed shoes were the call of the day. Little did they know what I had purchased that day, downtown.
Pointy shoes being as fab as they are, nothing--nothing--beats Presentation Shoes (or Gangster Shoes) for, well... presentation. I was delighted to find two pair downtown to wear with our white suits as we escort Henrietta to the White Party.

Hey, if I'm going down on The Titanic, they will remember my shoes.


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