"the" Mrs. Astor

Monday, January 04, 2010

I would go on about the cold temperatures here if the rest of the country wasn't going through worst than this. Over the weekend, life here went on as normal as everyone brought out their leather and fur; it doesn't happen much. This time, though, the deep freeze (the 50's) has grasped the town by the throat. I wore two sweaters today just to maintain the house; I couldn't go outside for more than a minute or two. Saks Fifth Avenue sold out all its leather jackets yesterday as visitors and locals panicked. Personally, I had to open a bottle if vodka kept for emergency to deal with the freeze threat; I'm down to one sweater.

I think I've postponed the final decision for KiKi for a little bit; I've again offered to take him and put up with his craziness.

On the social front, The Baroness Seitzinger has positioned herself again, trying to deal with the well-reported transgressions with transvestites. Her people are doing everything they can to deny, decline, and declare their version of the scandalous episode that made her flee to The Dominican Republic. Mrs. Styuvesant-Fish has returned from her country estate and seems to be quite ready to begin a full-frontal assault on the New Year. Over my dead body....


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