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Monday, April 18, 2011

Gay Pride Parade 2011

Twist's float was a jungle theme, and included fifty animals, gymnasts, spear-carrying natives, and (like us) the bwana-jujus, the British safari big wigs (although not as big as Lady Bunny's).
As usual, we escorted Henrietta, who wore an appropriate outfit. It was so heartening to hear the crown calling her name as we inched up Ocean Drive.
I brought my stuffed croc (Wally) and he immediately became a sensation by being the hood ornament on Henrietta's jeep. I bought him twenty years ago in San Juan and he has led the good life ever since (althogh KiKi always hept him in line).
This jubilant horse boy followed us and...
...that it made me wish I had been reborn as a saddle.
Our cutie-pie bartender, J.D.
Twist owner, Richard Trainor, basking in the jungle heat.

Lady Bunny, with the gorilla hand around her torso, made me weep.
Our beloved Karloz was the best monkey, ever!
After the parade, and at Twist, Wally started to hang out with the beautiful people.
There were like minds at Twist, later.
Wally took up KiKi's old habits of biting toes.
Chuckles, however, immediately felll into the club scene. We haven't seen him since.
What a wonderful time, as we followed the Twist Float, guarding Henrietta in our safari uniforms. Twist far out-paced all the other floats in style and vigor. What a day!


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