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Friday, November 18, 2005

Monster In The Sky

Mattie’s party turned out real well with—what do you know—everyone managing to get totally smashed. Ditmar kept the entertainment level high, Boris kept the champagne flowing, I kept “pressing the flesh”, Matt kept running around like a little, giggling girl, and even The King and Queen made an appearance. I got my hottie friend, David, to punk himself out and give a lap dance or two.

But at 9Pm the skies opened up and a torrential rainstorm exploded; this is odd at this time of year and made me think about the seven hurricanes, numerous tropical storms and tornados that occurred in fifteen months. And then, of course, there is hurricane Gamma making news as we flow through the Greek alphabet now in search of names for these storms.

I therefore make the following suggestion to The National Hurricane Center: When we finish with the Greek alphabet (and there is no reason to doubt that we will), I propose naming the next set of storms after Japanese monsters.

The news headlines would be fabulous! “Mothra Due to Strike Florida Tomorrow”. “Godzilla Approaching; Mass Destruction Possible”. Even the newscasts would be fun:
“This evening Ghidra, a monster of fearsome strength, struck Miami. Residents were fleeing in vast numbers while others sort the safety of public shelters.” “Obviously caught off guard and ill-informed, a confused President Bush said ‘This Radan or Rodan thing is mighty awful to the folks down there, but I have to wait until I’m briefed to say anything more.’


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