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Saturday, January 12, 2008

A relatively quiet week ended in drama, everywhere; but this is South Beach. Would you expect anything else? Ditmar was fired for the twentieth time today and his bar pad-locked; a bit dramatic, but this is South Beach. As far as that story goes, I can only say: How many times can you attend La Traviata and NOT know that Violetta is going to die in the end.

But the biggest story to grab this town by the throat was reported to me early this afternoon by my fellow member of The Silver Fox Club, Michael, who has worked on the super-exclusive Fisher Island for many years. The scoop was that the uber-rich, New York lawyer, Jim Ferraro had caused the scandal of the decade--at least on that stratified island. Ferraro had reportedly paid nearly $300,000 (The Herald reported $100,000, but I believe the people who work there) for his wedding to his Cuban, Va-Va-Va-Roooom girlfriend,Patricia Belinois, flew down on his personal jet, went through the whole affair, and when the priest asked, "Do you take this women for your wife?", said,"No, I can't."

Gasps were followed by pandemonium. You have to just imagine the energy between the Italian side of the family and the Cuban. (The idea, alone, is erotic.) Fist fights broke out and, for the first time in memory, Michael reported that security had to be called in.

It makes you feel warm inside. Why do I hear The Countess de Lava moaning, "l'amour, l'amour; tu jour, l'amour."

This is South Beach.


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