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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Politics brings out the worst in people, especially when they are your friends. Some time back, I offhandedly remarked that Obama may be the nominee of the Democrats, but that I doubted his national electability. This wasn't because I didn't like him--I had constantly reminded all those friends who originally liked the other candidates (yes, you Jeremy) that the tremendous growth in Obama's supporters could be tied to one, overwhelming fact: Obama alone among the major players was saying the war in Iraq had to end. The others were playing the middle road (as most Democrats have for years) and were so afraid of appearing weak.

Well, I've been watching his stand and listening to his speeches and I still think he is the only one saying what the people want to hear. Can he be elected? Who knows. The vast sea of the stupid middle class have for eight years let their sons and daughters be killed in The Endless War, they have allowed the gangster Bush administration of outsource their jobs and even the supplying of the army. One can only imagine that now that their homes are being taken away that something might sink into their hollow heads, so--yes--it is quite probable now, I think.

But that's not my real problem; except when the ugly head of stupidity rises, I seldom waste my time with politics. When I had too with the mayor's race here, I jumped into the mess with glee.

The real problem is Riley. He is a sharp knife in my drawer of friends, a legal pit bull, and has a long history of campaign work. He also claims that I said I'd buy him a drink if Obama was ever elected president. Riley--who only ever drinks domestic beer--has informed me that he is going premium liquor on Nov. 5, even perhaps in a high-end hotel bar (the most pricey here). I find this very opportunistic, and--although there are no witnesses to my supposed bet--it obviously is a case I will lose. He even sarcastically suggested I start putting the money I save by using Publix coupons in a cookie jar. I guess he thinks "a drink" means a case of champagne now.

That is the ugly world of politics we live in.


At 12:11 PM, Blogger The Bum said...

Up until a few weeks ago, I was truly of two minds. I thought Obama would be best for the country in the long run. And yet, I stil wanted some payback for the Clintons. No more. And it's not just because I love handsome, dark men.

How do we arrange and Gay Bloggers Meetup in Miami? I've already contacted Mustang Bobby and Arch Creek Blues, but darling, you're the event planner.

I understand you ran into the husband over the weekend. Maybe a more formalized introduction/function would facilitate an increased comfort level.

And, since my husband knows your husband, I see no good reason not to just put it all on the table. We may have nothing in common except geography (and a love of latin men). Perhaps that's enough.

Not to diss your friends, but Mr. Zablotney made a bad first, second and third impression, so, in part, I've been prejudiced by virtue of association.

If you haven't followed the goings-on of the GB5NYC, you should follow a few links. What a great gang of folks. You and the Countess should plan on it for next year. And you should come over and see our new digs. The neighborhood is very different, but talk about eye candy. I'm going to have to get better glasses.

I am the South Beach Bum for a reason, because I reject so much of what this town represents. Yet, after 15 years I would not live anywhere else. You love the nightlife, baby. I love sunrises.

Too long for a comment, I know. I apologize for that.

At 12:35 PM, Blogger "the" Mrs. Astor said...

I wish I knew the husband Leo knows; sometimes there are so many in an evening. All sounds good, and I know what you mean about everything else. And, although I understand the beauty of a sunrise, I've been trapped in the dark of the night for a long time. Lately, though, I've been scaling back and enjoying the afternoon (Latino nights excluded).

At 12:48 AM, Blogger Countess Bedelia said...

My dear friend, The South Beach Bum, has a great idea but I'm not sure how many Florida bloggers there are. Except for you and him and LeCompte Lamot, most of our blogger crowd has gone by the wayside. Matty has retired to Ft. Lauderdale, Jeremy has retired from blogging, and the Northern crowd of Mr. Brian, Jesse, etc. has pretty much disappeared from the internet scene.

But if there is any interest, you know The Countess will be there.

At 7:12 AM, Blogger "the" Mrs. Astor said...

THE S.B.B. knows The Countess is always "there", as we all do. I'm torn between getting involved again or just hunkering down. I wonder if I have the vigor left which you do, Countess.

At 10:45 AM, Blogger Countess Bedelia said...

Well, you are IN LOVE, Mrs. Astor, and that usually means redefining your interests to be with the one you love....more power to you.

But I hope you never give up your blog and stop writing.

At 11:43 AM, Blogger "the" Mrs. Astor said...

Indeed, my energy is overwhelmingly directed to Mr. Astor; who wouldn't? However, you know me; like yourself, "You can't keep an old girl down."

At 11:45 AM, Blogger "the" Mrs. Astor said...

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