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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Ah, The Great Westerly Trip--like all vacations--seemed to go by too quickly, but we still had time to consume a great deal of local food and international liquor. Leopoldo has always stubbornly refused to eat seafood, his wise Latina mother having convinced him of this without ever having tried any. I once, however, caught him at a party eating appetizers which he took to be chicken and I knew were shrimp; we agreed that he would finally try lobster (a New England staple) and by week's end was downing fresh clam chowder and lobster. Unsubstantiated fears can be so annoying.
We spent Saturday morning waterskiing on Ninigret Pond; then that crazy bitch, Terry, went digging for clams and we had the foundation for Sunday's soup.
The children hit the beer cooler rather quickly...

Except for good-old Bob, everyone's favorite designated driver.

Other households had family rooms of men cheering on ESPN shows; here we have the boys cheering on So You Think You Can Dance.

It was delightful to sit outside, eat, AND be able to breath the air. Less of a delight were the mosquitoes; I will never complain about the ones from Miami again after being bitten by the ones there.

Lots of silliness coupled with liquor...

...some loving...

...and lots of memories.

More to follow, because there is great concern about what our absence did to Twist.


At 3:23 PM, Blogger Countess Bedelia said...

Sorry I missed the great Northern Expedition....who knows when you'll make the great trek north again.

Hope that Twist has survived your absence!!


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