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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Beach Thoughts

Between visits to The Palace I walked over to the beach yesterday. I really don't go there very much; my life is wrapped in formality that precludes messy things like sand and sea water. However, if you need to think there is nothing better than the beach.

I am terribly troubled by the impending deployment of my much-adored Jeremy to South America in what--to me--is yet another expansionist policy of the American government. I detest talking or even thinking about religion or politics, but you don't have to listen very hard to hear the drumbeat of Isolationism developing in this country. Also, Chris is leaving America for good with Credit Suisse dangling the carrot of Vice President before him; he readily admits, though, that he welcomes leaving a country governed by jack-asses. I even shunned the offered hand of one of The Beach's most beautiful and entertaining young men this week; solitude seems to be the preferred mode right now. Change is in the air and a move of some sort pending.

The only thing that I look forward to is the upcoming State Visit of the Viceroy of The Southern Hemisphere and the resulting "family union". It consumes my every hour and every thought, and the members of Society as I know it are frenzied about it.

Oh well, life goes on, parties resume. Chris is resuming his lavish lunches today. I picked out my teagown this morning, thrilled by the guest list. Having thrown them, I know how much work goes into a formal lunch for picky people; all I have to do today is breeze in looking stunning, being chatty, and consume an inordinant amount of food and wine to be a success.

Jeremy will be there; maybe this is all a bad dream and he's not going away after all.


At 3:34 PM, Blogger Jesse said...

You have the beach mere feet away - use it for contemplation, that's what it is there for!!! :-)

*sigh* I know how you are feeling though, believe me I've been in a terribly down and nasty spell myself. We'll pull through together though, right? (((((HUGS)))) All will be okay eventually!!!

Love Always,

At 5:28 PM, Blogger Mr. Brian said...

Mrs. A

I enjoyed our conversation this morning during my drive to New Hampshire. I have never looked forward to the winter as I am this year. Muahahahaha.....

I know you boys must have enjoyed yourself at the luncheon. I hope to join you some Sunday afternoon. I will search for a tea gown or a pretty sun dress to wear as I attend one of Mr. Inskeep's high society gathering. God, I'm going to look like a retard.


Mr. B


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