"the" Mrs. Astor

Sunday, November 27, 2005

White Party Finale

What a beautiful day on the beach. When I left The Palace an hour ago to return home, it was 80 degrees, cloudless, and a soft wind blew in from The Bahamas. The Gay Vollyball tournament was just about to begin right across from The Palace and no one could take their eyes off the toned bodies ready to compete. The music was pumping up, but would no way compete with the beach dance that is to begin at 2 just over the dune. 3000 people are expected to dance under the dry, November sun. Madge, who was driving, didn't want to leave, and I got huffy fixing that towel and said, "Madge, I must get home for a dramatic costume change. You wouldn't want me to look like a peasant, would you? Anyway, Captain Jeremy will be back today and I'll let him have his way with you if you drive me home. Madge--ever the realist--pulled the car out, did a Cuban u-turn, and had me home in minutes. I'm positive all the traffic lights were appearing as the brilliant blue of Jeremy's eyes, because she didn't stop for one."


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