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Sunday, January 27, 2008

When you live on South Beach you must be ready for anything, especially of the visual nature. Sometimes, though, you can be caught off guard.

As I was preparing for the annual Dachshund Winter fest on Saturday morning these two lovely, young draq queens stopped in with their boyfriends. Things like this cause me endless happiness, particularly when it happens at 11 AM in the morning. Society pillars like Mrs. Stuyvesant-Fish and the upwardly mobile Baroness Seitzinger would undoubtedly have been appalled that such outfits were being brandished so early. The tots had driven down from Tampa to parade around town and no doubt raise eyebrows amongst the highbrows. All great fun, and I ran into them several times at the dog fest.
I heeded the warning.

And, what can we say about the purse one of them carried? A little edgy and perfect for a serial killer trannie, it still seemed perfect--even before noon.


At 9:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too spied these angels at the weiner fest. Dear Caroline...you underestimate my fondness for 'others'. -MSF (dictated in Mrs. Stuyvsant-Fish's absence and sent in her absence to avoid delay)

At 11:21 AM, Anonymous Maven said...

Serial Killer Trannies sounds like a divine name for a transvestite/trans-sexual punk group!


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