"the" Mrs. Astor

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

After chasing me into my crypt, and my locking the door, Countess Bedelia beckoned out with the skill a siren. I had taken full responsibility for my actions; when you are acting like a party animal, you will get sick as a dog. The town as a whole awoke to a massive hangover from the 5-day party; the refugees who summoned up the strength to say "Goodbye" last night at Score were like of pack of sick animals licking their wounds. No one was quite sure what they did on a certain day, but it was resolved that--as usual--we did everything.

Penance is now the order of the day, although since The Church has made much lately of their Indulgences availability, there is hope of little actual pain. Sadly, they don't sell them any longer. But--if they did--I would grab the first franchise for this little island of sin. I can easily imagine selling six drink tickets and one Indulgence at a club, or drag queens selling an Indulgence for the night for tips. Ah...the possibilities.


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