"the" Mrs. Astor

Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Fer More Winter Party Pictures

Leopoldo with our dear friend Kendall from the Cinematique with whom I hope to work out the deal needed to assure a 2-feature, camp film presentation with Martinis.
Countess Bedelia making a crack, as usual, and Mrs. Astor about to grimace as one's carriage flies though the street of Miami Beach..

Penny and Miss Vicki traveled down from Ft. Lauderdale; both are involved in the Broward
Trans Gender organizationl.

Mrs. Stuyvesant-Fish sent an endearing note that my poor health worried her, other members of society, but I promised the Social Triumvirate together on Saturday. It seems that a small vial of passion powder had been inconceivably them mis-labeled and I actually had put a powder with the force of Hades in my teas. Yes, it had it's ups (many), but the downs were drastic enough to make me stay up all night, spying behind a blue-velvet curtain to await imaginary assassination. Let's just say that it didn't add the the wonderful part of the day.


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