"the" Mrs. Astor

Sunday, February 03, 2008

We revisit Mario in his chainmail; The Crusades were never so fun.And, talking to the fishes was never so eloquently put: Fifty years ago an emerging character name Henrietta came out. Her uncle owned the most popular restaurant on Miami Beach, Mario's, and was an associate and neighbor of Myer Lansky. She shared a great story, as she always does. At the age of sixteen she was constantly harrassed by an Italian geek who pounded on her door exclaiming his love for her; she complained to her uncle and soon the visits stopped. One day, she told us, she was in the back yard of their home on mid-beach and remarked that she was happy the guy had stopped coming by and also that she noticed the garden had been redone. "Don't dig too deep", said her uncle. We all ghasped, laughed and wondered if the body was still there.


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